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Wednesday, May 4, 2011



Hey there my Single Mom Soldiers! I guess you're a bit puzzled about the title, right!
Well, let me just explain my method for the madness, ok?  Have you ever got to a point in your '27' hour day that you just had to stop and say  'Kiss My A....!  No more bad news! Everybody can just Kiss My A...!

Ok, maybe, maybe not. For myself, I have and too many times to mention. But being the respectable person that I am, I never have said it loud enough for my seven year old daughter to hear or at least I don't think I have!
So, anyway,one day I came up with an idea to express how I'm feeling as a Single Mom with grace and dignity and still get my point across. There you have it! So, Kiss My Aspirin! 
'Boy that felt good!' I just wanted to let off some steam and post this for all  Single Moms, to let them know that you are not alone. You ALREADY have what it takes to conquer the world, one hair roller at a time.All you need is a little  extra BACKBONE, that missing VILLAGE.  Speaking of Village, check out
Its a wonderful new magazine that's ALL ABOUT US!
Anyway, In conclusion, just know that as a Single Mom there are no problems that will go unsolved, with FAITH, SUPPORT and telling some one to KISS YOUR ASPIRIN, every once in a while!
Ok, thank you for letting me vent!  Now, back to being a CREATRESS!