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Friday, November 12, 2010

What I want for Janiyah

Hey There, It's me again.
Hope your day has been completely DELIGHTFUL.
I just wanted to share with you a poem that I wrote for my daughter Janiyah
a couple of years back. I was having a moment and I just wanted and needed to write,
to her, but as if she was already an adult reading it.  I realized that whatever you're feeling at that moment,
right then and there, if your Inspired to do it and it feels explosive and Sacred, then ,by all means DO IT!
Enjoy, Embrace, be Enlightened and if you don't mind, let me know what you think.
Thanks for sharing my Imagination with me.

What I want for Janiyah

My dearest Janiyah, 
I want you to remember
I want you to grow
I want you to challenge
I want you to know 
I want you to dance
I want you to write
I want you to elevate
And be out of site
I want you to sing
I want you to cry
I want you be spiritual
Reach, stretch, and climb high 
I want you to give love
Without questions or reason
I want you to know victory
It comes in an unknown season
I want you to know, my daughter,
That my heart you have forever
I want you find no doubt in my word
No, please, not ever 
I want you to be fabulous
For there is no other state of mind
I want you to conquer the world
And always, always be kind 
I want you to be elegant
Strut your stuff like a Queen
I want you to be tolerant
Find no reasons to be mean 
I want you to set your standards
To be so very high
That even a soaring bird would think
‘Oh me, oh me, oh my’ 
Janiyah, stand firm, and please ‘never be defeated’ because
Life is guaranteed to come apart every now and then 
Just know that, with UNSHAKEABLE FAITH, love, and a trusting heart
you’re always going to grow stronger, and accomplish an amazing Win
With unconditional and infinite love,
Your mommy, 
 Mildred Armesia Elizabeth 'Missie' Shealey 
(yes, that is really my whole name)

It's Just Our Imagination

I would like to welcome you to Just Our Imagination
I created this blog so that I could share with you our vast amount of constant flowing Creativity, Insight and Fabulousness. I LOVE- Growing in HAPPINESS, my daughter Janiyah,Inspiration, Eggplant purple, Sweet mangoes, Creating, Creating and oh, did I say Creating?
Ok, I think you get it, right?
Here you will find an endless array of uplifting ,and sometimes challenging, articles, videos and information based on , that's right, our 'two sense'. So please, sit back, wrap up in that wonderful and cozy animal print throw, get your biggest cup ever of  green tea, (jasmine or mango are my favorites) and  welcome to Just Our Imagination!