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Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Just Our Imagination

I would like to welcome you to Just Our Imagination
I created this blog so that I could share with you our vast amount of constant flowing Creativity, Insight and Fabulousness. I LOVE- Growing in HAPPINESS, my daughter Janiyah,Inspiration, Eggplant purple, Sweet mangoes, Creating, Creating and oh, did I say Creating?
Ok, I think you get it, right?
Here you will find an endless array of uplifting ,and sometimes challenging, articles, videos and information based on , that's right, our 'two sense'. So please, sit back, wrap up in that wonderful and cozy animal print throw, get your biggest cup ever of  green tea, (jasmine or mango are my favorites) and  welcome to Just Our Imagination!


  1. Hey Missie. Congrats on starting the blog. I can see that just reading what you will be writing with help your readers create the vision for your works. Keep moving forward.

    Until Next Time
    Make It A Great Day!